Joy Slaughter


Award-winning author for
YA fiction, poetry, and non-fiction

Joy Slaughter spends too much time daydreaming. She has a stack of dusty degrees shoved in a closet, something about emergency medicine, public health, and psychology with a bonus level of logotherapy and existential analysis and a to-go box of fine art photography.


She married Prince Charming, and they have seven phenomenal children who aren’t dwarves. Her home is cleaned by woodland animals which explains the mess.


She rode on ambulances and flew in helicopters and blew whistles telling people to walk, and sometimes she writes about that. She likes to sit at large windows and imagine strange worlds, and sometimes she writes about that, too.


Her third-favorite reptile is a gecko, and she hopes to one day be abducted by pirates and sail to the edge of the world.

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