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The Title 'Crossing the Line'

And now with the book finished, I want to turn to the title.

Admittedly, if I could go back, I would call it something else. There are TON of books called “Crossing the Line,” and this one gets lost in the slush.

But I chose the title for the many layers of meaning it held, and this has been the working title since the beginning.

-Megan’s behavior toward Nathan over his leg crosses the line of polite society from the very beginning.

-Martin’s behavior toward Megan crosses the line of professionalism.

-Todd’s behavior toward Megan crosses the line of decency.

-When Megan confronts Todd, she is crossing the thin blue line.

-Megan’s and Nathan’s relationship crosses the line of marital fidelity.

-Sam’s behavior crosses the line of ethics.

There is some refusal to cross lines, but these are associated with healthful ideas:

-Martin refuses to cross the line of romance toward Megan again.

-Megan refuses to cross the line of sacrifice.

-Nathan refuses to cross the line of unhealthy relationship practices.

And there is the literal crossing of lines:

-Nathan crosses the line of safety when he travels outside the wire in Afghanistan.

-Megan crosses from one high-angle line to another when she is picked off by Nathan on the wall.

-The fire squirrels cross Martin’s line, to which he shouts, “Get off my line!”

So the title stuck. If given the chance, I’m not sure what I’d name it instead.

What do you think would be a good one?


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