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12.2 Domestic Violence Beliefs of EMS Workers

Because of the reach of Crossing the Line, I was asked to write an article for EMS1 on a new study pertaining to EMS workers and their beliefs concerning domestic violence (note the pen name).

Here are a few the opinions of EMS workers AFTER having received training on responding to domestic violence: “Domestic violence is a NORMAL reaction to day-to-day stress and frustration.”

33 percent of respondents were neutral or agreed

“If a victim stays in a relationship, they are responsible for the abuse.”

35 percent of respondents were neutral or agreed

“Battered women secretly WANT to be abused.”

21 percent of respondents were neutral or agreed

Shocking. Truly shocking.

While there is a rightful focus on domestic violence in police relationships, we cannot overlook the terrible beliefs held by many EMS workers. Public safety as a whole must grapple with domestic violence, make changes, and support survivors.

Research is being completed on this at Florida State University and elsewhere, but ultimately, we must act and put into place policies that address these issues and work to enact change.


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