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5.1 Spotify Playlist

These were the songs I listened to while writing Crossing the Line. I can still create the vibes I felt by turning on this list.

Song (Artist)

Plot Point (Chapter Title)

New Divide (Linkin Park)


Shut Up and Dance (Walk the Moon)

Training on the Wall (May 20, 2013--1:55 PM)

Angels Fall (Breaking Benjamin)

A Dirt Road (June 20, 2013--4:00 PM)

Africa (Toto)

​Couch Pillow (June 20, 2013--7:00 PM)

Unconditionally (Katy Perry)

In the Parking Garage (June 24, 2013--8:00 AM)

I Need Your Love (Ellie Goulding, Calvin Harris)

Orange Juice Flowers (July 18, 2013--8:00 PM)

Burn (Ellie Goulding)

In the Stock Room (July 20, 2013--8:30 PM)

Finally Found You (Enrique Iglesias)

The Couch at Station 4 (July 21, 2013--1:00 AM)

Fix Me (10 Years)

In the Rain (July 21, 2013--2:30 AM)

Wide Awake (Katy Perry)

A Silent Apartment (July 21, 2013--5:00 AM)

Dark Horse (Katy Perry)

A Knock (July 21, 2013--5:00 AM)

Does Anybody Hear Her? (Casting Crowns)

A Cold Stairwell (July 21, 2013--12:30 PM)

As Your Friend (Afrojack, Chris Brown)

The Search (July 21, 2013--5:45 PM)

I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)

White Blaze Trail (July 21, 2013--9:00 PM)

Drops in the Ocean (Hawk Nelson)

Scrolling (July 21, 2013--11:30 PM)

Wake Me Up (Avicii)

A Shot Glass (July 22, 2013--1:00 AM)

Hurts Like Hell (Fleurie, Tommee Profitt)

A Case in Case (July 22, 2013--1:00 AM)

Hero (Skillet)

A Ponytail Holder (July 22, 2013--1:00 AM)

Thinking of You (Katy Perry)

One Last Time (July 26, 2013--7:50 AM)

Because of You (Kelly Clarkson)

But You Did (August 13, 2013--2:00 PM)

Say Something (Christina Aguilera)

A Picnic Table (August 13, 2013--6:00 PM)

Human (Christina Perri)

Coppery (August 14, 2013--8:30 AM)

Brave (Sara Bareilles)

Just Text (September 12, 2013--2:30 PM)

Rise (Katy Perry)

Buzzard Cliff (November 5, 2013--3:15 PM)

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17 Αυγ 2023

Listening to this playlist is like reconnecting with an old friend who knows all your secrets and shares your passions. It's a reminder of the journey you embarked upon while writing "Crossing the Line," and how each song was a companion along the way. To popularize this song more quickly, use spotify promotion:

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