The Turmoil of Gavony

Norin Å Sdolevy

Turmoil of Gavony Covers.png

When Brynna Dasveld, a Norinian accountant, agrees to join the chancellor’s administration, she is catapulted into a brilliant political career. She is surrounded by the sovereigns of Norin as well as powerful sapphic witches who maintain the health of the citizens with the use of valsydian, a nonrenewable resource mined in the mountains. 


Commodore Cadoc Andersyn seizes Darsham, a clipper ship that will usher in a new era of prosperity, but the mysterious Council of Norin manipulates the valsydian tariff rates, destroying his profit margin. He is forced to smuggle—not that that bothers him. 


Brynna uncovers Cadoc’s inventory discrepancies in the port authority records. She must confront this powerful smuggler using any means necessary.​


Her country’s glory and her honor

are at stake. 

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