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Lexicon & Pronunciation Guide

-lyn [LIHN] (Dialect) 

A suffix applied to a woman’s name by her beloved. Norinian mark of deepest intimacy. 


Adel Slimani [AY-dehl slih-MA-nee] (Character) 

Gantish. Rancher.


Akawel Regá [AWK-uh-wel reh-GAH] (Character) 

Gantish. Grand Sabhir. Senator. Estate owner. Widower. Father of Lor Regá and Marcus Regá. Master of Maya Regá.


Alfy [AHL-fee] (Character)

Gareth Luuk’s cat.


“All mops and brooms about ye” (Idiom) 



Amelia [ah-MEE-lee-ah] (Character) 

Shialorian woman.


Amiman Province [AH-mee-mahn] (Location)

Location: Northwest corner of Norin, on the border of Hykos. Separated from Sitilia by the Iona River.

Flag: Green lightning bolt on a black field

Primary Industry: Fur

Ceremonial Markings: Three black triangles across the face at eye level


Ana [AH-nah] (Character)

Norinian. Safwyn Province. King Safwyn’s attaché. Blonde hair.


Ancient Paths (Location)

Byways that enable fast travel. Known and seen only by witches.


Andersyn Shipping Company (Business)

Primary shipping company in Norin. Only company capable of international trade in the southern seas.


Andersyn Mess (Concept)

Someone of mixed racial heritage as a result of the population mingling encouraged by the shipping industry. Pejorative, yet reclaimed by many with such lineage.


Anika Ryntoth [AHN-ih-KAH RIHN-toth] (Character) 

Norinian. Ryntoth Province. Queen of Ryntoth Province. Wife of Queen Consort. White hair. 


Ardet [ahr-DEHT] (Dialect) 

Ancient Norinian. Acceptance, approval, finality.


Arnar [AHR-nar] (Character) 

Norinian. Trade commissioner. Thin. Spectacles.


Aro [AHR-oh] (Character) 

Norinian. Wyclythe Province. Child. Son of Lotti. 


Asa Nyok [AY-sah NY-ok] (Character)

Gantish. Lieutenant and commanding officer of the Nalta Guards. Black eyes. Black hair. Bronze skin.


Ásdís Hænning [AWZ-dees HEN-eeng](Character) 

Sitilian. Viska. Ambassador to Norin. Stark white skin. Brown eyes. 


Atoll (Geographic Feature) 

An island formed from coral reef.


Atógo Mining Company [ah-TO-go] (Business) 

Gantish. Valsydian mining company.


Attaché [at-ah-SHAY] (Occupation) 

A diplomat’s secretary, usually with a specialized skill.


Backstay (Shipping) 

Rigging on a mast that counteracts the forestay to adjust the sag of the mast. 


Bar Shot (Shipping) 

Cannon shot composed of two balls connected with a rod. Designed to tangle in the rigging and tear sails.


Bardoon [bar-DOON] (Location) 

Island in the southern seas. The land of giants.


Barge (Shipping)

Flat-bottomed freight boat. Capable of sailing in shallow waters.


Basigh [buh-SYE] (Ritual) 

Norinian dance of grief. 


Basilisk (Shipping)

Clipper ship.


“Beat to Quarters” (Shipping) 

Prepare for battle.


Bennetti Cliffs [ben-EHT-ee] (Geographical Feature)

Picturesque oceanside cliffs, the largest tracts of which are owned by the Regá family.


Berth (Shipping) 

A shelf-like sleeping space.


“Best kind” (Idiom) 

Very well, fine. Common greeting.


Bianchi [bee-AN-kee] (Character) 

Gantish. Member of the Nalta Guards.


Birgir [BIR-gir] (Character)

Bardooni. Sailor for the Andersyn Shipping Company.


Blue Veil (Clothing) 

Indicates the wearer is a sabhir’s kvina.


Bosun (Shipping) 

Short for boatswain. Officer in charge of equipment and crew.


Bosun’s Whistle (Shipping) 

A high-pitched whistle used to signal the crew.


Bow Rake (Shipping) 

To shoot artillery straight toward the bow of a ship.


Brahim Salisa [bra-HEEM sah-LEE-sah] (Character) 

Gantish. Grand Sabhir. 


Breakwater (Structure) 

Wall used to shelter a port.


Brek Sterling [brek STIR-leeng] (Currency) 

Gantish currency.


Brails (Shipping) 

Small lines used to control the edges of a sail.


Brat (Clothing) 

Rectangular cloak, attached at the shoulders.


Bridget [BRIHJ-eht] (Character) 



Brigitta [brih-GEE-tah] (Character) 

Norinian. Elidel Province. Wife of Filip. 


Brody [BROH-dee] (Character) 

Norinian. Wyclythe Province. Harbormaster of Robynton. Tawny skin. Bushy mustache.


Brynna Ædmair Dasveld [BRIH-nah AYD-mahr DAHS-veld] (Character)

Norinian. Wyclythe Province. Daughter of Seth and Marcy Dasveld. Sister of Erling Dasveld. Accountant. Trinan Walyss’s attaché. Brown hair. Blue eyes.


Bryton Province [BRY-ton] (Location) 

Location: Province on the southern coast of Norin, between Wyclythe and Safwyn. 

Flag: Green tree on a periwinkle field. 

Primary industry: Lumber. 

Ceremonial Markings: Blue circles, one on each cheek. Only one circle is worn for Sel Rhyshga.


Buntline (Shipping) 

Rope used to control the sail when it is being hauled up for furling.


B’y [BYE] (Dialect) 



Cadoc Andersyn [KA-dawk AN-der-sihn] (Character) 

Norinian. Safwyn Province. Norinian, Tahlamese, and Shialorian ancestry. Only surviving child of Greteh and Rayne Andersyn. Owner of Andersyn Shipping Company. Adept sailor. Chestnut brown skin. Black hair.


Camellia (Plant) 

Used for tea. Contains caffeine. 


Canonical Witch (Occupation) 

Any nationality. A woman capable of healing and accepting the flow of ondilska. Mandated to preserve and protect life.


Captain of Barge 16 (Character) 

Hykosi. Bushy mustache. Nephew of Ivan Stoyan’s assistant. Married. Eight children. 


Cardinal Witch (Occupation)

Any nationality. Woman capable of purifying canonical witches and sending ondilska into the universe through the use of valsydian in a ritual.


Carina Nilsyn [kah-REE-nah NIL-sin] (Character) 

Norinian. Grimsyn Province. Wife of Siv Nilsyn. Blonde hair.


Carltyn Day [KARL-tin DAY] (Character)

Norinian. Wycythe Province. Provincial Secretary of the Treasury. 


Carminative (Concept)

An herb that calms gas and bloating.


Carthasach [KAR-thah-sak] (Holiday) 

Norinian winter solstice celebration.


Casia [KAY-shuh] (Character) 

Norinian. Safwyn Province. Resident of East Tadsyn. 


“Cat the Anchor” (Shipping) 

To lift the anchor in preparation for setting it.


Cecily Layton [SEH-si-lee LAY-ton] (Character)

Norinian. First officer of Basilisk. Russet-brown skin. 


Chafik [shah-FEEK] (Character)

Gantish. Member of the Nalta Guards.


Chain Shot (Shipping) 

Cannon shot made of chains. Designed to tangle in the rigging. 


Chalwar [SHAL-war] (Clothing) 

Loose trousers.


Chase Cannon (Shipping) 

A cannon capable of rolling to various positions on deck.


Check (Shipping)

A crack in a wooden piece on a vessel.


Clara [CLAH-ra]  (Character) 

Norinian. Wyclythe Province. Brynna Dasveld’s assistant. Appointed by Trinan Walyss. Brown hair.


Clew Garnet [CLOO GAR-net] (Shipping)

A rope used to furl a sail.


Clipper (Shipping) 

A merchant sailing vessel designed for speed.


Coracle [KOR-a-kul] (Shipping) 

A small boat made of wickerwork.


Corradh [kor-AHD] (Character) 

Norinian. Corradh Province. High King of Norin. Ivory skin.


Corradh Fortress [kor-AHD] (Location) 

Large castle built by the settlers of Norin. Palace of High King Corradh. Seat of the Norinian government. Displays the Jeweled Windows of Lonara. 


Corradh Province [kor-AHD] (Location) 

Location: A central province in Norin. Home to Lonara, the capital. 

Flag: A red crown within a ring of five flax flowers, on a white field

Primary Industry: Linen

Ceremonial Marking: Four “X”s across the cheekbones


Coryn Stone [KOR-ihn] (Item) 

Ruby necklace worn by the chief of the cardinal witches.


Council of Norin [NOR-in] (Organization) 

A secretive organization.


Critical Spars (Shipping)

Masts and booms.


Cutler (Occupation) 

Someone who makes and/or sells knives


Cutter (Shipping) 

Small, fast vessel with one mast and two headsails. 


Cutting Out (Shipping) 

Attack on an anchored ship using small boats.


Dabrash [dah-BRASH] (Location)

Town in Wyclythe Province near the Bryton border. On the coast.


Dario [DAH-ree-o] (Character)

Gantish. Brother of Ilara and Rezki. 10 years old.


Darsham [DAR-sham] (Shipping) 

Large clipper ship.


Dennysyn’s Farm [DEH-nih-sin] (Location)

Norin. Bryton Province. Snail farm known for having the highest-quality dye. 


Dry Dock (Shipping) 

Narrow channel that can be flooded to allow a vessel to sail in, then drained to allow for work to be completed.


Dwolin’ [DWOH-lin] (Dialect)

Tired, fatigued, drowsy.


Duckie (Dialect) 

A generic term of endearment for any young woman.


East Tadsyn (Location):

Primarily residential area on the eastern side of the Padyn River


Eastern Barge Fleet (Shipping) 

Andersyn Shipping Company vessels that travel between Tadsyn and Nalta on a regular schedule.


Elias [ee-LY-ahs] (Character) 

Gantish. Middle aged. Portly. Partner of Sunna.


Elidel Province (Location) 

Location: Province on the western side of Norin, north of Wyclythe, south of the Indeling River.

Flag: Dotted white circle within a solid white circle on a theil field.

Primary Industry: Pearls

Ceremonial Markings: Three white circles over the left eyebrow.


Ensign (Shipping) 

Flag of the nation under which a vessel sails.


Erik Hepsath [EH-rik HEP-sath] (Character)

Norinian. A general of the Norinian Army. Gray hair, nearly white.


Erling Dasveld [ER-leeng DAS-veld] (Character) 

Norinian. Son of Seth and Marcy Dasveld. Brother of Brynna Dasveld. Husband of Kayla Dasveld. King Wyclythe’s quartermaster.

Erstemdag [ER-stem-dahg] (Holiday) 

Norinian celebration of spring. Known for wild, amorous dancing. 


Fall Skard [FAHL SKARD] (Geographical Feature)

Impassable mountain pass


“Feather the Rudder” (Shipping) 

To move the rudder back and forth in order to slow the vessel


Ferrier (Occupation)

A specialist in hoof care and horse shoes.


Field Glasses (Item)



Filip [FIL-ip] (Character)

Norinian. Elidel Province. President of the Bank of Jarta. Husband of Brigitta. Beady eyes. Graying hair. 


First Breath (Religious Concept) 

Earth’s creator. A deity. Also used as an interjection or expletive.


“Fish are eating the rocks” (Idiom) 

The fishing is good.


Fore-and-aft Sail (Shipping) 

Sail set parallel to the keel of a vessel.


Frelun [fre-LOON] (Location) 

Island in the southern seas.


Frelunian Vegetable Elixer [fre-LOON-ee-an] (Item) 

Green, high-proof alcoholic drink containing highly-concentrated hallucinogenic herbs.


Fyos [FYE-ohs] (Game) 

Norinian. Similar to rugby. 


Galactagogue [gah-LAK-toh-gog] (Concept) 

An herb that promotes breast milk production.


Gandura [gahn-DOO-rah] (Clothing) 

Long tunic of a light material. Usually striped and hooded. Worn by men and women.


Ganstag [GAHN-stag] (Structure) 

Gantish government building.


Gantu [GAN-too] (Location) 

Location: County on the eastern side of Gavony with only shallow-water access to the sea. 

Flag: Black field with a white fesse, lending the appearance of three broad stripes, with a red chevron at the pole and a centered white blaze. 


Gara of Elidel [GAH-rah] (Character) 

Norinian. Queen of Elidel Province. Blonde hair. Blue eyes. Porcelain skin.


Gareth Luuk [GAYR-eth LOOK] (Character)

Norinian. Lincanly Province. Weaver and fashion designer. Husband of Rand Luuk. Brown eyes. White skin.


Gavony [GA-von-ee] (Location) 

Region on a continent in a far northern ocean.


Gavony Peoples [GA-von-ee] (Characters)

Non-magical inhabitants of Gavony.


Gavril Kosh [ga-VRIL KOSH] (Character) 

Hykosi. Chief Intelligence Officer. Graying hair.


Ghenedi Marteen [ge-NEH-dee mar-TEEN] (Character) 

Hykosi. Rear Admiral in the Hykosi Navy. 


“Give a good randy” (Dialect) 

Offer a sexual encounter.


Gran Messer [GRAN MESS-er] (Dialect)

Honorific for a grand sabhir.


Grand Assembly (Concept)

Gathering of all of the Norinian provincial sovereigns and their chief staff. 


Grand Sabhir [GRAND sah-BEER] (Concept)

Male member of the Gantish ruling class. Grand sabhirim, masculine plural. Grand sabhira, feminine. Grand sabhiras, feminine plural.


Great Circle of Lonara [loh-NAR-uh] (Location)

Area of sandy ground in Lonara. Considered sacred by the Norinians. The location of the Life Fire.


Greteh Andersyn, née Olsen [GRET-ah AN-der-sin] (Character)

Norinian. Elidel Province. Wife of Rayne Andersyn. Mother of Cadoc Andersyn. Alabaster skin.


Grimsyn [GRIHM-sin] Province (Location)

Location: Western side of Norin, on the Iona River.

Flag: Yellow arrows on a red field.

Primary Industry: Wool.

Ceremonial Markings: Three blue lines from mouth to chin.


Gulf of Norin (Location)

Ocean south of Norin


Gulf of Sitilia (Location)

Ocean east of Sitilia, west of Norin


Gustaf (Character)

Barkeep at The Dusty Toad


Gwafa Todesto [GWA-fa to-DES-to] (Character)

Gantish. Commanding officer of the Gantish Army. 


Haik [HAK] (Clothing) 

Thick veil that wraps around the head and body.


Halvar IV [HAHL-var] (Character) 

Prince of Sitilia. Third in succession to the crown. Black eyes. Ghostly white skin.


Halyards (Shipping)

Ropes used to hoist.


Hanáv [hah-NAHV] (Character)

Powerful cardinal witch. Red-orange hair. Stark white skin. Green eyes.


Hangerok [HANG-er-ROK] (Clothing)

Apron dress.


Hansyn [HAN-sin] (Character)

Bond broker.


Hare (Animal)



Hart (Animal) 



Harva (Character)



Harvestide [HAR-ves-tey-d] (Holiday)

Norinian fall festival. Known for ribbon dances and harvest displays.


Head Braces (Shipping)

Ropes used to rotate yards on a mast.


Helm (Shipping)

Wheel controlling the rudder of a vessel.


High King (Concept)

A king who rules other kings.


High Committee (Concept)

Group of the most powerful Gantish senators. 


Hohlt Myers (Character) 

Norinian. Safwyn Province. Provincial solicitor. Son of Captain Myers.


House Flag (Shipping)

Flag on a vessel indicating company ownership.


House Regá (Business)

Marcus Regá’s glass and crystal brand.


“How she cuttin’?” (Dialect)

Direct translation: How is your ship maneuvering? 

Implied translation: How are you?


“Hull down” (Shipping)

Seeing another vessel on the water, but the ship’s hull remains below the horizon with only the upper sails visible.


Hykos [HY-kohs] (Location)

Location: Country in the northern region of Gavony, on the shore of Lake Iona. Landlocked from the ocean. 

Flag: Black eagle on a yellow shield on a green stripe near the pole. Red field.


Ian Danym [EE-ahn DAN-nim] (Character)

Norinian. Wyclythe Province. Captain of the Wyclythe fyos team. 


Iero [EE-er-o] (Character)

Gantish. Grand Sabhir. Senator. Cousin of Winsen Luna.


Ilara [ih-LAR-ah] (Character)

Gantish. Child rescued from Winsen Luna. Sister to Dario and Rezki. 13 years old.


Indeling River [ihn-DEL-eeng] (Location)

River flowing from the Padyn Mountains northeast of Norin, across central Norin, mouth at Jarta.


Ingrid [EEN-grid] (Character)

Gantish. Tuli slave. Owned by Atógo Mining Company. Olive skin.


Iona River [EYE-oh-nah] (Location)

Shallow, non-navigable river from Lake Iona to the Gulf of Sitilia


Ivan Stoyan [EYE-van STOY-an] (Character) 

Hykosi. Secretary of Defense.


Jerynt [JER-ahnt] (Character)

Norinian. Norinian Army. 


Jeweled Windows of Lonara (Structure)

Set of three stained-glass windows with corresponding rosettes found at Corradh Fortress.


Jib [jihb] (Shipping)

Triangular sail, forward of the forwardmost mast.


Joby [JOH-bee] (Character)

Gantish. 5 years old. Brother of Teva. 


Jon Rohde [JON ROD] (Character)

Sitilian. Green eyes. Ghostly white skin.


Ju [JOO] (Character)



Juno [JOO-no] (Character)

Shialorian. Captain of Darsham.


Kadim [kah-DEEM] (Concept)

Gantish. A slave. Both singular and plural. In casual speech, an insult to the level of expletive. Kadima, feminine. Kadimas, feminine plural.  


Kayla Dasveld, née Frohmyn [KAY-lah DAS-veld, FRO-min] (Character)

Norinian. Wyclythe Province. Wife of Erling Dasveld. Black hair. 


Keaton Farag [KEE-tuhn fa-RAHG] (Character)

Gantish. Grand Sabhir. Ambassador to Norin. Ochre skin.


Kerfuffle (Concept)

A disturbance or commotion.


Kol [KOL] (Character)

Gantish. A ruffian well known to law enforcement.


Kurta [KER-tuh] (Clothing) 

Loose tunic, either collarless or with a high collar. Can be short at the waist or long to the knees.


Kvina [kuh-VEE-nah] (Concept)

Sabhir’s concubine.


Kya Evers [KEYE-uh EH-vers] (Character)

Norinian. Grand Ambassador to the Nations. A powerful member of the Council of Norin. Gray hair. Lily white skin. Blue eyes.


Ladvyl Forest [LAHD-vil] (Location)

Forest in Ladvyl Province, near the Lonara River.


Ladvyl Province [LAHD-vil] (Location)

Location: South of Corradh Province between the Talmi Ridge and the Lonara River.

Flag: Purple grapes on a kelly green field. 

Primary Industry: Wine. 

Ceremonial Markings: Green circle on the right side of the chin and a white circle around the left eye. 


Lake Iona [EYE-o-nah] (Geographical Feature) 

Lake in northern Gavony.


Larboard (Shipping)

Left side of the ship. Also called port side.


Laurentiu Serban [lah-REN-tee-oo SER-bin] (Character)

Hykosi. Self-proclaimed viceroy over Norin. 


Leeward (Shipping)

Downwind from a point of reference.


Life Fire (Concept)

Bonfire in the center of the sandy Circle at Lonara. Lit for the three main holidays.


Lincanly Province (Location)

Location: Province in northwest Norin, north of the Indeling River, west of Corradh Province.

Flag: Yellow ram on a red field.

Primary Industry: Wool.

Ceremonial Markings: Black line from hairline to nose.


Lios [LEE-os] (Character)

Norinian. Private in the Norinian Army. Tall, thin, beige skin.


Livie [LIH-vee] (Character)

Gantish. Works upstairs at the Nalta Inn.


Lonara (Location) 

Seat of Corradh Province. Capital of Norin.


Lonara River (Location)

River that branches off of the Indeling River and flows into the Padyn River


Longshoreworker (Shipping)

One who loads and unloads ships at a port.


Lor Regá [LOR reh-GAH] (Character)

Gantish. Eldest son of Akawel Regá. Brother of Marcus Regá. Husband of Masilia Regá. Master of Rashida Regá.


Lora [LOR-ah] (Character) 

Norinian. Bryton Province. Sister of Peetra. 


Lotti [LOHT-ee] (Character) 

Norinian. Wyclythe Province. Brynna Dasveld’s school teacher. Mother of Aro.


Lowyk [LO-ik] (Location)

Town in Safwyn Province, Norin.


Lunja [LOO-nyah] (Character) 

Gantish. Butcher.


Luff (Shipping)

To sail close to the wind with the sails flapping.


Lur Horn [LOOR] (Item)

Large wooden trumpet, either straight or curved.


Manifest (Shipping)

A captain’s final and secret inventory of their ship. 


Marcus Izîl Regá [MAHR-kus ih-ZEEL reh-GAH] (Character)

Gantish. Second son of Akawel Regá. Brother of Lor Regá. Glasswright. Dark-brown eyes. Deep ochre skin. 28 years old.


Marcy Dasveld [MAHR-see DAS-veld] (Character)

Norinian. Wife of Seth Dasveld. Mother of Brynna Dasveld and Erling Dasveld. 


Mark Aven [MAHRK AY-ven] (Character)

Norinian. Kya Evers’s assistant.


Matim [mah-TEEM] (Concept)

Gantish. Both singular and plural. A citizen. Rarely used in casual speech.


Mausey [MOW-zee] (Dialect)



“May My Knife Rest on Your Shoulder” (Idiom) 

Greatest Norinian insult. Implies a slow and calculated slitting of the throat with time to wipe the blade clean. Preferred means of killing an enemy.


Maya Regá [MAH-yah reh-GAH] (Character)

Gantish. Akawel Regá’s second kvina. 


Meela [MEE-lah] (Character)

Norinian. Chief of the canonical witches. In love with Sol Frontyn. Auburn hair. Fair skin. Green eyes. 


Messer [MEHS-er] (Dialect)

Gantish term of address for male citizens and sabhirim.


Micah Berg [MY-kuh BERG] (Character)

Norinian. Neimynyn Province. Transports goods on the Neimynyn Road.


Mihai [mih-HY](Character)

Hykosi. King of Hykos.


Misko [MIHS-ko] (Character) 

Soldier in the Nalta Guards. 


Misilia Regá [mih-SIL-ee-ah reh-GAH] (Character)

Gantish. Wife of Lor Regá. 


Mizwid (Item)

Double bagpipe.


Mizzenmast [MIHZ-en-MAHST] (Shipping)

Mast at the back of the ship.


Mizzenshroud [MIHZ-en-SHROWD] (Shipping)

Ship rigging that holds the mast in place. Located at the back of the ship.


Muqadesh [moo-kah-DESH] (Item)

Holy book of the Gantish religion.


“My actions for your majesty” (Idiom)

Norinian. A phrase acknowledging respect, allegiance, and intended obedience.


Myers [MY-ers] (Character)

Norinian. Safwyn Province. Assistant to Erik Hepsath. Graying hair.


Mynt [mihnt] (Item)

Norinian currency.


Myrki Stone [MEHR-kee] (Item)

Black oval pendant of spent valsydian, polished, set in gold. Worn by the chief of the canonical witches.


Nadia [NAH-dee-ah] (Character)

Gantish. Chief of the cardinal witches. Strawberry-blonde hair. 


Nalta [NAHL-tah] (Location)

Capital of Gantu. A port town.


Nalta Guards (Organization)

Police force of Nalta. Gray uniforms. Commanding officer wears burgundy. 


Neap [NEEP] (Shipping)

Minimum tide at the first and third quarter moon


Neatsfoot Oil (Shipping)

Yellow oil rendered from cattle shins and feet. Used to protect leather.


Niemynyn [NEE-mih-nihn] (Character)

Young king of Niemynyn Province.


Niemynyn Province [NEE-mih-nihn] (Location)

Location: Northeasternmost province in Norin, west of the Padyn Mountains, south of Hykos. Controls the Niemynyn Road.

Flag: White stag on an orange field.

Primary Industry: Niemynyn Road

Ceremonial Markings: Gold circle above right eye, black “V” on forehead


Niemynyn Road [NEE-mih-nihn] (Location)

Major thoroughfare between Tadsyn and Hykos. 


Niq Niq Bog [NEEK-NEEK-bog] (Location)

Swamp in Gantu, near the Padyn Mountains.


Njala [NYAH-la] (Character)

A sailor for the Andersyn Shipping Company.


“No Way to Holler” (Idiom)

For certain.


Nora Jlassi [NO-rah y-LAH-see] (Character) 

Gantish. Black hair. Olive skin. 18 years old.


Norin [NOR-ihn] (Location)

Location: country in Gavony that controls the majority of accessible shoreline.

Flag: Seven stars in an arc on a flax blue field.


Norin Å Sdolevy [NOR-ihn AH s-do-leh-vee] (Idiom)

A common Norinian greeting and blessing that loosely means “May Norin suffer no more.” Direct Translation: “Norin will not suffer forever.”


Norina [nor-EE-nah] (Concept)

Mythological savior of Norin


Norina Sdola [nor-EE-nah s-dol-ah] (Idiom)

Direct Translation: “The Norina suffers.”


Norina Sdolevy [nor-EE-nah s-do-lah-vee] (Idiom)

Direct Translation: “The Norina will suffer forever.”


Norin Sdol [NOR-ihn s-dol] (Idiom) 

Direct Translation: “Norin suffers”


Norinian Ceremonial Knife (Item)

Magical knife capable of inflicting permanent scarring. Given in childhood by parents and swapped at Teerlagee. Engravings generally reveal family markings. 


Norinsklagen [NOR-ihn-SKLAH-gihn] (Literature)

Poem, written circa 1550.  Also known as “The Great Prophecy.”

Direct translation: “Norin’s Lament.”


Norrie [NOR-ee] (Dialect)

A pejorative term for a Norinian.


Nott Myers [NOHT MY-ers] (Character) 

Norinian. Safwyn Province. Farmer. Son of Captain Myers.


Olam Cove [O-lahm] (Location)

Series of sand bars, lagoons, and grottos in Bryton Province. Known to harbor brigands and slavers.


Ondilska [ohn-DIHL-skah] (Concept)

Essence of illness and injury that flows through the Valsydian Cycle. 


Orange Veil (Clothing)

Usually worn as a haik. Indicates that the woman wearing it is married to a sabhir.


Oskar [OHS-kar] (Character)

Sailor for Andersyn Shipping Company. 


“O Bar E O Var” [o-BAR-ee-o-VAHR] (Idiom)

Old Norinian. Direct translation: “To fight is to defend.”


Padyn Beacon (Structure)

An oil beacon set atop the cliffs to warn sailors of the presence of sandbars near Tadsyn harbor.


Padyn Mountains [PAH-din] (Location)

Volcanic mountain range through Gavony that divides Norin and Gantu.


Padyn River (Location)

River that flows from the Padyn Mountains to the Gulf of Norin at the Tadsyn port.


Part and Parcel (Dialect)

Normal, expected. 


Paxe [PAX] (Character)

Gantish. Works upstairs at the Nalta Inn.


Peetra [PEE-trah] (Character)

Norinian. Bryton Province. Sister to Lora. Girlfriend of Waryn.


Peppermint (Plant)

Antispasmotic. Carminitive.


Periwinkle (Plant)

Decreases male fertility.


“Pipe the Side” (Shipping)

Bosun’s call given when the captain disembarks the ship.


Pola [PO-lah] (Location)

Island in the southern seas.


Poth Morenza [PAWTH moh-RIN-zah] (Character) 

Sniper in the Nalta Guards.


Port (Shipping)

Harbor where ships load and unload.


Portside (Shipping)

Left side of the ship. Also called larboard.


Prow (Shipping)

Part of the ship’s bow that is out of the water.


Quarterdeck (Shipping)

Upper deck at the back of the ship. Where officers stand.


Queen Consort of Ryntoth (Character)

Consort of Anika Ryntoth. 


Queen Corradh (Character)

Wife of High King Corradh.


Rake (Shipping)

Fire on the long axis of the ship, either bow or stern.


Rand Luuk [RAND LOOK] (Character)

Tahlamese. Immigrant to Lincanly Province in Norin. Shepherd.


Rashida Regá [rah-SHEE-dah reh-GAH] (Character)

Gantish. Lor Regá’s kvina.


Rebab [reh-BAB] (Item)

Bowed string instrument.


Reliance (Shipping)

Shipping vessel.


Ree-Raw (Dialect)

Excitement and activity.


Rezki [REHZ-kee] (Character)

Gantish. Brother of Ilara and Dario. Friend of Tafu. Six years old. 


Rhettyn [RET-in] (Character)

Norinian. General. Most decorated warrior in the Norinian Army. Tall. Long gray hair. 


Rhyshga [RY-shgah] (Game)

Norinian ceremonial knives thrown at targets. 


Robynton [ROB-in-tohn] (Location) 

Seat of Wyclythe Province. Deep water harbor.


Robynton Beacon (Structure)

An oil beacon set to warn sailors of the presence of the cape.


Rolling Tackles [ROHL-een TAY-kles] (Shipping)

Ropes and pulleys used to stabilize a ship.


Ruvoq Desert [ROO-vawk] (Location)

Desert in the northern part of Gantu. Occasionally known simply as “The Ruvoq.”


Ruvoq Fields (Geographical Feather)

Active lava fields, area of frequent earthquakes.


Ryntoth Province [RIHN-tawth] (Location)

Location: Northernmost province in Norin. 

Flag: Abstract blue flax flower on a red field

Primary Industry: Linen. Known for cold-hardy tobacco. 

Ceremonial Markings: Two red stripes across the cheeks and nose.


Sabhir [sah-BEER] (Concept)

Gantish. Ruler. A male member of the Gantish upper class. Sabhirim, masculine plural. Sabhira, feminine. Sabhiras, feminine plural. Sabhiri, masculine adjective.


Safiyya Gil [sah-FEE-ya GIHL] (Character)

Gantish. Owner of the Nalta Inn & Brothel. Black hair.


Safwyn Province [SAHF-win] (Location) 

Location: Southeasternmost province in Norin.

Flag: Yellow nautilus shell on a purple field.

Primary Industry: Tadsyn Port.

Ceremonial Markings: Indigo and green waves on the right cheek.


Sailor’s Knot (Shipping): 

Rope bracelet worn by sailors to wipe away sweat. Cannot be removed without cutting.


Salt (Shipping) 



Sasha [SAH-shuh] (Character): 

Norinian. Wyclythe Province. A member of the Wyclythe fyos team. 


Schooner (Shipping)

Ship with two masts. Foremast is shorter than the mainmast.


Scuffing (Dialect)

Climbing, bustling.


Sel Rhyshga [SEL RY-shga] (Ritual)

Norinian. An intricate ritual used to test the opinions of the provinces prior to an important vote, culminates in the throwing of a sacred knife. 


Serk [SERK] (Clothing) 

A simple dress, like a shift, designed to form the foundation for the rest of the outfit.


“Set to Dance” (Dialect)

Intend to be married.


Seth Dasveld (Character)

Norinian. Wyclythe Province. Timber importer and wood carver. Graying hair and beard. Blue eyes. Husband of Marcy Dasveld. Father of Erling and Brynna Dasveld.


Seven Words (Religious Concept)

Guiding principles of Norin: truth, stewardship, equality, community, integrity, simplicity, and peace.


Shalash [SHAH-lash] (Location)

Capital of Hykos. Port town on Lake Iona. 


Sheets (Shipping)

Rope rigging.


Shelly [SHEL-ee] (Character)

Norinian. Safwyn Province. Runs a bed and breakfast for secretive travelers. Long, graying hair. 


Shialor [SHEE-ah-lor] (Location)

Small island in the southern seas to the southeast of Gavony. Shialorians tend to have copper skin and long, dark hair that is braided into a one plait.


Shiver (Shipping)

To release tension and allow the sails to shake. 


Shyan Shit Yentera [SHY-an SHIT yin-TER-ah] (Dialect) 

Gantish. A scatalogical expletive. Can be shortened to decrease the intensity.


Signet (Item)

Ring with a seal on it, designed to be impressed into wax.


Signy (Shipping)

A sloop.


Siramy [SEER-ah-mee] (Location)

Shallow-water port in Lincanly.


Sissel [SIS-uhl] (Character)

Canonical witch. Second in command.


Sitilia [sih-TIHL-ee-ah] (Location)

Location: Country on the western side of Gavony. 

Flag: White and teal off-center cross on a green field


Siv Nilsyn [SIHV NIL-sin] (Character)

Norinian. Elidel Province. Treasury secretary. Brown hair. 


Skipper (Character)

Sailor of the Andersyn Shipping Company. Golden-brown skin. Captain of Signy and other small boats.


“Slip the anchor” (Shipping)

To release all of the anchor chain so that the anchor and chain fall into the water. Allows a ship to sail unencumbered. 


Sloop (Shipping)

Sailboat with one mast.


Smack (Shipping)

Small fishing boat.


Sol Frontyn [SAWL FROHN-tin] (Character)

Norinian. Wyclythe Province. Shialorian and Norinian ancestry. Royal huntsman. In love with Meela. Long, jet-black hair. Brown eyes. Golden-brown skin.


Southern Seas (Location)

Oceans south of Gavony.


Spring Tide (Shipping)

A higher than normal tide at the new or full moon


Starboard (Shipping)

Right side of the ship


Squallie (Dialect)



Spanker Boom (Shipping)

A support for the sail at the back of a ship.


Standard-Class Slave (Concept)

Slaves for labor. 


Stun (Dialect)



Sunna [SOON-ah] (Character)

Gantish. Wife of Elias. Bronze skin. Long salt-and-pepper hair. Three fingers on left hand.


Tack (Shipping)

Windward corner of a sail.


Tack (Shipping)

To turn a ship.


Tackles [TAY-kles] (Shipping)

A system of pulleys.

Tadsyn [TAD-sin] (Location)

Primary town in Safwyn province. Largest port and town in Norin.


Taffrail (Shipping)

Rail around a ship’s stern


Tafu [TAH-foo] (Item)

Most excellent stuffed cow.


Tahkeen [tah-KEEN] (Character)

Gantish. Second in command of the Nalta Guards.


Tahlam [tah-LAHM] (Location)

Island in the southern seas.


Tahlamese Oleander [tah-lah-MEEZ OH-lee-AN-der] (Plant)

A flower with a poisoned blossom. Found in Tahlam.


Taleja [tah-LAY-ha] (Character)

Gantish. Norinian, Sitilian, and Tivixian ancestry. White-blonde hair. 


Talmi Ridge [TAHL-mee] (Location)

A line of low mountains on the western side of Norin.


Tanan [TAN-an] (Animal)

Asa Nyok’s horse.


Tar (Dialect)

A sailor.


Taylasan [TAY-lah-san] (Clothing)

Gantish. A fringed shawl worn by all sabhirim. It is usually worn about the shoulders, clasped at the neck or chest, then thrown back over the arms. Grand sabhrim wear taylasans that are lined with gold threads or embroidery.


Teerlagee [TEER-lah-gee] (Ritual): 

Norinian. Ritual marriage dance. 


Teva [TEH-vah] (Character) 

Gantish. Sister of Joby.


Thackery [THAK-er-ee] (Character)

Tahlamese. Director of the Andersyn Shipping Company. Second only to Cadoc Andersyn. Gray hair. Ebony skin. 


The Dusty Toad (Location)

Roadside establishment in Robynton. Pub. Bar.


The Eleven Lands (Location)

Archaic term for Norin. 


Tivix [TIH-viks] (Location)

An island in the southern seas. Furthest from Gavony.


“Toe a Seam” (Idiom)

To line up, using a crack in the decking as a guide.


Tree Rat (Idiom)

A squirrel. Also a term of endearment from Erling to Brynna.


Trinan Dalby Walyss [TRIH-nan DAL-bee WAHL-ihs] (Character)

Norinian, Wyclythe Province. Chancellor of Wyclythe. Brown hair, blue eyes. 


Tug (Shipping)

A shipping vessel that maneuvers other vessels.

Tuli [TOO-lee] (Concept) 

People, usually Gantish, who have been branded and sent to mine valsydian. Implies death at a young age.


Tuli Camp (Location)

Basecamp near the valsydian mine in the foothills on the Gantish side of the Padyn mountains.


Udad Corti [oo-DAD KOR-tee] (Character)

Gantish. Grand Sabhir. 


Valdemar Amiman [VAL-de-MAR AH-mi-MAN] (Character)

King of Amiman Province. 


Valsydian [val-SIH-dee-an] (Item)

Magical mineral mined by the Tuli, shipped by the Norinians, and delivered to the witches by the Hykosi.


Valsydian Conventions (Concept)

A set of laws decided upon by an international body for the regulation of valsydian. Facilitated by the Sitilians.


Valsydian Cycle (Concept)

A system of survival and healing. Injuries and sickness produce ondilska. This is absorbed by canonical witches who are then purified by cardinal witches. The remaining ondilska is sent into the universe through the use of valsydian in a ritual.


Victor Timda [VIK-tor TIM-dah] (Character)

Norinian. Robynton Branch Secretary of the Andersyn Shipping Company. Russet-brown skin. Graying temples. Served on Reliance. 


Viska [VIH-skah] (Location)

Capital of Sitilia.


Waryn [WAH-rin] (Character)

Norinian. Wyclythe Province. Member of the Wyclythe fyos team. Boyfriend of Peetra.


“Wear Ship” (Shipping)

To turn away from the wind


West Tadsyn (Location)

Industrial center of the Tadsyn port on the western side of the Padyn River


Wharf Rats (Animal)

Large gray rats that infest ships and areas on land near ships.


Wheat Berries (Plant)

Kernels of wheat grain.


White Veil (Clothing)

Indicates that the woman wearing it is a business owner with additional privileges.


“Who knit you?” (Idiom) 

Direct translation: Who are your parents? 

Implied translation: I’m reminding you of who your parents are because they would be ashamed of your behavior. 


Wild Carrot (Plant)

An herb used for birth control (anti-implantation). Carminative. Galactagogue.


Windward (Shipping)

Upwind from a point of reference.


Winsen Luna [WIN-sin LOON-ah] (Character)

Gantish. Grand Sabhir. Has a reputation for depravity.


Witches’ Circle (Location)

Sacred ground, approved by the Chief Cardinal Witch, where rituals are performed. 


Wiwul [WEE-wuhl] (Character) 

Gantish. A slave.


“Worm the barrel” (Shipping)

To remove unspent powder bag remnants from the barrel of a cannon.


Writ of Marriage (Item)

Norinian legal document binding two individuals in marriage regardless of Teerlagee. Used alone in times when the Circle is unavailable for Teerlagee.


Wyclythe [WY-clihth] (Character)

King of Wyclythe Province.


Wyclythe Forest (Location) 

A forest with streams and waterfalls in Wyclythe Province. Known preferred location for canonical witches.


Wyclythe Fortress (Structure) 

Palace of King Wyclythe. Located outside of Robynton, on the cape.


Wyclythe Province (Location)

Location: Southwesternmost province in Norin, on the cape. 

Flag: Yellow sailboat on a royal blue field. 

Primary Industry: Robynton Harbor. 

Ceremonial Markings: Three curved lines on the left cheek and seven blue dots at the hairline.


“Ya none but got me drove” (Idiom)

Extreme annoyance. 

Direct Translation: You have done nothing but driven me crazy.


Yawl (Shipping): 

Two-masted sailboat with the mizzenmast aft enough that the boom overhangs the stern.


“Your loss is mine” (Idiom)

Standard Norinian expression of condolence.


Zdan [zih-DAN] (Character)

Gantish. Ferrier.


Ziri Yildiz [ZEE-ree yihl-DEEZ] (Character)

Gantish. Footman at the Nalta Inn. Olive skin. Dark brown eyes. Curly brown hair.

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